Guest house or cottage : for more conviviality… or independence…

Choose a self-catering cottage or a pretty themed room in our guest house and make your naturist holiday a real experience!

La Casita

casita de campo
Independence and Andalusian spirit, what could be better than this small cottage?
La Casita is an ideal naturist cottage if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the finca while living a more independent holiday.
A double bedroom with bathroom, a kitchen-living room with all the comforts, but also a terrace, a real little summer living room equipped with a barbecue. What could be better?
Of course, like in the guest house, you have access to all the finca’s facilities, you can enjoy the naturist swimming pool and jacuzzi, the bar and restaurant service, the terraces and the viewpoint. Go down to visit the animals in the henhouse, don’t hesitate to make a detour on your way back up through the hives…

And on your terrace you even have organic aromatic herbs to enhance your dishes!

La Casita: to enjoy the atmosphere of the finca while remaining independent!
La Casita includes a double bedroom*, a shower room, a kitchen-living room, and a private terrace with barbecue.
Price for two persons:

between 3 and 6 nights 100€/night.
from 7 nights onwards 90€/night
3 nights minimum.
*viscoelastic mattress 190X150X20 25kg/m3

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The Astronomy Tower

Gite Mirador Finca Johanna
A beautiful oriental residence with a breathtaking view, the Astronomy Tower combines large volumes, harmony and comfort.
On three levels, this large gîte is designed for two persons.
This beautiful 62m2 house, furnished and decorated in an authentic oriental style, will make you feel for the time of your holidays princes or princesses of tales.
Large volumes with a kitchen-dining room, a pretty living room with its oriental veils and cushions, as well as a bathroom. Upstairs a large and beautiful bedroom with its toilets and washbasin.
But the most beautiful is certainly the 27m2 terrace overlooking the whole finca, with a view of Iznate and the other white villages in the mountains, and on the other side a view of the Mediterranean.
Of course, the kitchen is fully equipped, and you have access to the barbecue on a lower terrace.
The organic aromatic herbs that you can find on your terrace will be very useful to you to concoct your dishes.
Even if you have chosen this gîte to be independent, all the facilities of the finca are open to you: you can enjoy the naturist swimming pool and the jacuzzi, the bar and the catering service as well as the other terraces and the wild nature that surrounds you…

The Astronomy Tower: Treat yourself to comfort and independence at the Finca Johanna!
This gîte includes a double bedroom*, a bathroom, a toilet on each of the two floors, a kitchen-dining room, a living room or a second bedroom, a private terrace.
Rate for the Astronomy Tower for two people:

between 3 and 6 nights 115€/night.
from 7 nights onwards 105€/night
3 nights minimum.
* viscoelastic mattress 190X150X20 25kg/m3

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Themed rooms

The Tropical room

habitacion tropical mini chiringuito
Escape and chill out in the tropical room
A double bed* surmounted by a net in a beautiful bamboo structure…
The Tropical Room has also a mini-bar like on the beach, tropical plants, a hammock from which you can see the sea…
You’ll like the bathroom with its shower topped with a reed roof…
The Tropical Room: 27m2 to get away from everyday life

It is a large room with a double bed and a private bathroom.
rate 2024 97€/night.

*viscoelastic mattress 200X150X20 25kg/m3

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The Marina Suite

suite marina
The Marina Suite with sea view
For an iodised holiday on the Costa del Sol, choose this beautiful little 26m2 suite.
Very luminous, it is composed of a living room with a sea view, and a double bedroom* designed and decorated like a boat cabin. The bathroom is also in the atmosphere with its pretty little bathtub and its porthole mirror.

The Marina Suite: for iodized holidays on the Costa del Sol !
Suite for two people with bathroom.

rate 2024 105€/night.

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The Andalusian room

habitacion andaluza
Like in a small Andalusian village!
Lanterns, green plants, a fountain and a small bench… You don’t really know anymore whether you are in the square of a small white village or in a room!

Opt for the pretty Andalusian room with its splendid view of the mountain above the small white village of Iznate.

It’s a double 20m2 room* with a private bathroom.

rate 2024 90€/night.

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The Room of Wonders

habitacion de las maravillas
An invitation to travel that contains some mysteries...
With its 15m2, its bamboo canopy bed, its many memories of distant expeditions and its little hidden treasures, the room of Wonders has many surprises in store for you.

Share your experience!
Leave a memory of you for the next travellers who will visit the place: write or draw in the secret travel diary your most exciting expedition, the epic that has enriched you the most.

The Room of Wonders, to travel even more!

It’s a double room* with a private bathroom.

rate 2024 77€/night.

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The Arabian Nights Room

habitacion mil y una noches
It is said that Sherazade herself sometimes comes to tell you stories...
With its beautiful veil bed and Arabic palace decor, the Arabian Nights Room is certainly the most romantic room in the Finca Johanna.

The Arabian Nights Room has a nice bathroom and a terrace. The queen size bed is nestled in a shimmering alcove. The spacious 30m2 bedroom also has a beautiful and comfortable living room with a fireplace. In the evening, the setting sun floods the premises. The private terrace is also a comfortable and peaceful place to watch the sunset.

The Arabian Nights Room: for a romantic getaway

It is a double room* with a private bathroom and a private terrace.

rate 2024 110€/night.
*viscoelastic mattress 200X150X20 25kg/m3

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