Themed bedroom or unusual accommodation : there is something for everyone at the Finca Johanna.

Five beautiful themed rooms await you as well as a small cottage in self-catering and an unusual place to stay: a nice and comfortable Bedouin tent! Enough to make your naturist holiday a real experience!


Cottage in self-catering


Independence and Andalusian spirit, what could be better than this small cottage?

Unusual accommodation

Beduin tent with Land Rover

Treat yourself to an unusual stay in the Bedouin tent like the nomads of the desert! This large tent can accommodate 2 or 3 people.


Themed rooms


The Andalusian room gives you the impression of being in an Andalusian small village !

Let’s escape and relax with sea view in the Tropical Room!

And of course, the Marina Suite has a sea view!

The Marvels Room is a double room with a lovely canopee bed. An invitation to travel…

In the Arabian Nights Room, lovely and romantic double room with a terrace, it really feels like being in Aladin’s room!


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