The Bedouin tent

Naturism and unusual place te be: the Beduin Tent

Glamping lovers will find their happiness in this comfortable accommodation close to the nature.

Located in the shade of the almond trees , this big tent “bell” is furnished in the style of desert nomads!

The comfort is optimal with the same bedding* for our rooms. Soft lighting, tables and chairs, cushions and cozy corners are prepared for your well-being.

You take advantage of a shared bathroom, with a bathtub.



It offers a space of over 19 m² which is intended to conveniently accommodate up to three people.


Glamping is ideal to spend your holidays in beautiful nature!


Tent rate : low season 55€ – high season 70€

(price per 2 – 15€ per additional person)


To book now, it’s here! 

* viscoelastic mattress 150X190X20 25kg/m3

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